We are a regular, busy family of five (and if you count Morley, which you should, six). Our story starts back in 2002 when I met, my now husband, Rob, on the main staircase at University. My Mum gets the credit for our introduction. Rob was a former student of hers and while they were busy catching up on the past decade, I was busy trying not to make it obvious how taken I was with him. We stayed friends for several years before I finally gave in and took him up on a date. It was the last “first date” I’d ever go on. It was very apparent that we were as close to a perfect fit as they come; and exactly one year to the day of that first date, we were excitedly engaged. We got married two years later in 2007, and life picked up speed quickly after that with us leaving for Korea the month after we said “I Do”. We spent a year living and working abroad and returned to Canada to settle down in Ontario. We had a couple of quiet years spent establishing ourselves in our respective jobs, and then in October 2010 we entered into our most important profession, parenthood. Shortly after our first child, Hudson, came along we felt the tug to return “home” to Nova Scotia. We are now happily rooted on the East Coast and enjoy a quiet life with our now three children: Hudson (5), Loic (3), and Mairi (9 months). Oh, and Morley of course, he’s our two year old Goldendoodle… (because, obviously life wasn’t busy enough we introduced a puppy into the mix!)
As a family, we enjoy weekend country drives, kitchen dance parties, blanket forts and movie dates. We live in a constant state of sticky fingers, housework and (for the most part) happy days.
We’re glad you found us and we can’t wait to share more of our story with you!

Morgan Webb Photography, Fall family photo