I truly believe things happen for a reason, during the season in which they’re meant to occur.

As a stay-at-home Mum for the last five years, I didn’t realize how desperate I was for an outlet, something of my own, until I found myself on YouTube. I created a channel in an attempt to document and hopefully connect with others who also found themselves where I stood – feeling like I needed a life shake-up and with little to no guidance on how I was going to do it. I started sharing my experience using the KonMari method and to my shock, people watched. Not only did they watch, but they connected, shared, and journeyed along with me on all levels of life and living. The impact this has had on me, is indescribable. It gave me a renewed sense of self, of possibility, and a desire to share. Share is a big word here and really the foundation of what I’m building – a platform for all the things I’m passionate and interested in. Between my YouTube channel and blog, you’ll find a good helping of my daily musings, organization and home projects, a chronicle of our family life, and fun things I get up to with our children.
I’m excited for all that’s to come!