In preparation for our upcoming family vacation, I have been chatting a lot lately about my favourite travel products, including my ORGO Lite. The ORGO is the perfect toiletry case as it provides an appropriate amount of storage, built-in organization and expands to provide additional counter/prep space. This is one product that absolutely makes my little KonMari heart joyful. Check out an in-depth review of the ORGO in my YouTube video. I was recently interviewed by ORGO’s own organizational guru,… Read more »

Great Stocking Ideas for His & Her   Even more than presents, I love opening my stocking each Christmas. Equally, I love filling stockings with a good mix of fun, apparel, beauty and treats! Below you will find some of my favourite stocking stuffer ideas for men and women.


I’m doing a bit of blog hopping with this post! Over on my KonMari consulting blog, I recently shared how I have adapted a simple rhyme to make buying Christmas gifts for my children really easy and meaningful. A lot of you really liked this concept and so I wanted to create a coordinating checklist to make things just that much easier. For your reference, here is the rhyme. You can also read more on each of the categories with… Read more »

Well friends, I officially dropped the ball with Valentine’s this year. Normally I’m completely prepared by at least the week before, but with everything going on lately, our house isn’t  sporting a single heart (gasp!) and I really only started giving thought to what the kids are going to hand out at school yesterday (#truth). If you’re finding yourself in the same position, fear not, I have the cutest DIY Valentines that take no time to whip up and your kids… Read more »