back to school haul

Hi friends, After a whirlwind summer… I’m back on the blog! My plan is to resume regular posting moving into the fall, but I’ll share that plan in another post. For now, let’s talk about back to school. I’m feeling quite ahead of myself this year having everything bought and ready to go – and it’s still a week before school lets in (I’m not naive enough to think this will be the standard for the rest of the year)…. Read more »

TOP PICKS FOR SUMMER 2017   1. Tiny Twirl Skirt: 2. OshKosh Rashguard Swimsuits: 3. Kamik RainPlayLo Boots: 4. Crocs: 5. Kamik Rainboots: 6. Skechers: -Twinkle Toes: -S Lights:   1. Hasbro Perfection Game: 2. Summer Scrapbook (Idea): 3. Beaver Books Exercise Books: 4. Body Doodlers: 5. Catch and Learn Game:     1. TeaMoy Wetbag: 2. Brita Filter Kids Waterbottle: 3. Reusable Snack Bags: 4. TotLogic Natural Sunscreen: 5. Croc Bloc Insect Repellent Towelette: 6. Peapod Mat: 7…. Read more »

konmari kids

In the video above, I share my experience with toys pre and post KonMari Method. Since completing the process, the only real change has been the toys that I now invest in. Prior to the method we brought home new toys on impulse. Now we look for toys that meet certain criteria, to read more specifics on that, please click here. Below are my six top choices for toys that are worth your money! Toys that are made to last,… Read more »

museum of industry

  We had the wonderful opportunity on Saturday to kick off March break with a visit to our local museum, The Museum of Industry. We’re big fans of the museum and frequent it on almost a weekly basis for their Lego club (psst, it’s awesome and free!), but it was a real treat to be able to enjoy this outing as a family and take in their current event, “Parrots, Pirates & Plunder!”. 

disney mom

(Next trip, I’ll be taking along the DSLR :P) This month I have Disney on the brain. Okay, I always have Disney and Florida on the brain, but it’s exceptionally the case lately because it’s March and this is my favourite month and time of year to vacation. Since we’re stayin’ put this winter, I have been coping by way of reminiscing of our last few trips to the “happiest place of earth” and planning next year’s reunion (hey, it’s… Read more »