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In the video above, I share my experience with toys pre and post KonMari Method. Since completing the process, the only real change has been the toys that I now invest in. Prior to the method we brought home new toys on impulse. Now we look for toys that meet certain criteria, to read more specifics on that, please click here.

Below are my six top choices for toys that are worth your money! Toys that are made to last, will grow with your child, encourage creative and active play and offer a variety of fun to any playroom!


1. Plasmacar – A new addition to our toy collection, the Plasmacar has become a quick favourite. As a parent, I love that it gets my kids moving, will grow with all three children and is built to last. For my kids, they love that their own body weight is what gets them moving and the ability to easily steer in a glided motion. Check them out: Website, Website 2, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

2. Bilibo by Moluk – What’s not to love about this open-ended toy?! The Bilibo is a seat, a climbing structure, a water activity, a snow/sand shaper and more! The possibilities are endless and so is the age of play. This toy is being included in collaboration with QHouseKids. Check them out: Website, Instagram, YouTube channel, Twitter

3. Vertiplay Treetop Adventure by Oribel – A toy that virtually takes up no storage room, is well made, and definitely cute! The Treetop Adventure toy is wall-mounted yet can easily be repositioned. While it is is primarily played with by our two year old, our four and six year olds both enjoy this toy. There is something almost calming about watching the wooden caterpillar descend down the tree ramp (always a solid bonus). Check out Oribel here: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

4. GeoSmart – My boys simply cannot get enough of their Geosmart sets. With limitless possibilities for play, this toy is one that provides hours of entertainment. Geosmarts are small and portable enough to take just about anywhere. They are built with a patented double safety system so I never worry about them breaking or small hands getting ahold of one. Our oldest, Hudson has specifically enjoyed the Mars Explorer set and having the additional component of robotics.
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Check out Geosmart here: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Purchase through Amazon

5. Lego – How could I not include this classic? Lego has not lost it’s hype since I played with it as a child. Seeing my children sit on the floor around their box of Lego makes my heart happy because I can see their creativity at work. Lego sets provide the opportunity to follow and build according to instructions, but also the ability to construct based on your imagination (win/win!). Lego is made to last; I know this because my kids play with pieces from the 80’s!
Check out Lego here: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Purchase through Amazon

6. Mio by Manhattan Toy Company – Aside from being downright adorable, these wooden sets have proven to be a go-to by all three of our children. The chunky construction is perfect for our two year old’s toddler hands and the solid construction has stood up to her not-so gentle play. The boys have enjoyed creating play scenarios and setting up the Food Truck at various locations around our house and backyard. Of all the wooden toys we’ve ever had, this line is by far our favourite.
Check out Mio here: Website, Purchase through Amazon

Enter to WIN a Plasmacar

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I’d love to hear what toys are your picks as worth the investment!

47 thoughts on “KonMari | Six Best Toys Worth the Investment

  1. Patricia

    Great post! I popped over from YouTube and I love your toy suggestions. I’ve been going clutter free too and toys are certainly the most difficult but I love how you distinguish between toys that are “junky” and toys that are really enjoyed and played with.

  2. Dedreanna

    Mason would love this! His current favourites are his balance bike and train table, which I think are both worth the investment. We had his train table custom made and im obsessed lol. A plasma car would be so much fun!

  3. Jenna

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these Janine, my kids always have their eye on them at Chapters. 🙂

  4. Alicia F

    Lego! Definitely a favorite for our 6 year old son. My 4 year old daughter would probably say her American Girl dolls and AG Mega Blok sets are her favorite.

  5. Kandyce

    Love this giveway! Such a neat toy. Our neighbors’ children have a plasmacar, and my children adore it! I would love to surprise them with one of their own.

    I also have three children and appreciate open ended toys. Hape blocks have to my favorite of my kiddos’ toys. My children are seven, three, and one and a half. They all love our block set. They build little towns and houses all the time. My youngest enjoys stacking them. We take them outside and play in the driveway with them and chalk to draw roads and landscapes. Funny how something so simple can keep the children entertained in so many different ways.

  6. Heidi

    Ooooh great giveaway! We’ve been thinking about adding a plasma car to our fleet of outdoor vehicles for awhile now. Hearing your recommendation seals the deal!

  7. Brittany Normandin

    Awesome! I would love to win this one for my kids.. and I kind of want to play on it myself lol. I would definitely have legos on my top toys list too. My oldest will be 9 next month and that’s about the only toy he still enjoys so they definitely grow with kids well.

  8. Krista M

    My kids love playing with toys they can push and ride on outside…they would be thrilled if we had one of these!

  9. Allison Hartson

    I gotta get those bilibo things! We are into all things transformers/rescue bots right now. Kind of goes against your themed toys thing, but I think transformers are timeless, lol. My partner found a set that transforms in one motion, and my two and a half year old just loves them!

  10. Claire Spaulding

    Loved the video Janine! A classic toy that I loved growing up and now my son has enjoyed for years are wooden train sets. We have a mixture of Brio and Melissa and Doug.

  11. Jen

    I’ve seen these in schools for a few years and always thought they were cool. Would love to have one for the kids here at home!!

  12. sara kinaci

    Thanks for this opportunity to win! I think my kids’ favorite toy is actually play dough. but my son also got a Brio building set recently and we are enjoying that quite a bit as well.

  13. Abbey Major

    I think you also have to take into consideration the personality of your child. I have two very different kiddos. My three year old son pretty much only plays with toy cars and planes, themed or not. He has a small Lightning McQueen car and some of his friends that have been his go to favorites for two years. He makes up stories using the characters and acts them out. Lightning battles sharks, turtles, other cars, and has all kinds of wonderful adventures. His favorite new ‘toys’ are a mountain of dirt my husband is using to fill in holes in the yard and bugs that he finds outside! On the other hand, my 16 month old daughter loves to sit and color for hours, pet the dogs, and climb all the furniture. All of these activities require minimal toys. We’ve had a bilibo for ages and the big legos, but neither of my kids have ever touched them, even when we try to get them interested. We have several large cube shelves full of toys that pretty much never get played with. I don’t understand it.

  14. Amy Heffernan

    Gosh I have so many! lol These are neat. I enjoy playing with legos with my lil guy!

  15. Gord

    Our favourite toys would have to be Lego. They are never just sitting around, always something to be built.

  16. Michaela

    Love all of these suggestions! Thanks for sharing, and for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  17. Julie bolduc

    My favorite toy when I was younger I loved barbies I wish I had this toy when I was young

  18. michelle matta

    love lego. imagination is my weakness it was my fave thing as a kid and probably still now. its like drawing, but cooler.

  19. Josh S

    Lego is my favourite toy. It is a lot of fun being able to create different things with the blocks.

  20. Michelle W

    Lego is popular with my older nephew, but I would love to win this plasma car for my younger nephew

  21. Lindsay Jones

    I love your list of favorite toys. I’ve never even heard of the PlasmaCar, it looks like so much fun!

  22. Krista M

    What a cool list of toys! My favorite is the Vertiplay Treetop Adventure by Oribel! There is something similar at our doctor’s office & my son LOVES IT!

  23. Viv Sluys

    We love our plasma car (however 1 plasma car + 4 kids= ….)
    Our trampoline is probably the favourite toy here

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