Well friends, I officially dropped the ball with Valentine’s this year. Normally I’m completely prepared by at least the week before, but with everything going on lately, our house isn’t  sporting a single heart (gasp!) and I really only started giving thought to what the kids are going to hand out at school yesterday (#truth). If you’re finding yourself in the same position, fear not, I have the cutest DIY Valentines that take no time to whip up and your kids will be thrilled to share them with their friends. I actually made these for both of the boy’s classes last year. Normally I wouldn’t be able to get away with repeating the same thing two years in a row, but Loic’s preschool class doesn’t have any of the same children and so I’m going for it! Hudson seems quite pleased with his box of Star Wars Valentines and I’ve reconciled myself to accept that sometimes you just can’t be crafty with everything. So, enough preamble… here are details!

I absolutely don’t get the credit for this idea. I found this free printable through Pinterest and all props go to the very creative, Danyelle from Dandee Designs.

What I love so much about this Valentine is that you can add gummy worms for a sweet treat or go with something a little less sugary, and attach a toy bug or two.

Download the printable by clicking here.

To redeem myself from this festive fail, I’m going to promptly start planning for Easter!

2 thoughts on “Easy (Last Minute) Kid’s Valentines

  1. Elizabeth M

    Such a cute idea!
    I’d love to hear your suggestions for organizing your kids Valentine/school treats. It seems every class party my boys are bringing home a bunch of candy, cards, stickers, small trinkets & toys. I’m never quite sure what to do with it all. Any helpful hints?

    1. admin

      Elizabeth! This comment is too funny because my son came home this week with a bag full of exactly what you described. He spent a day playing with some of the things and then on his own tossed the majority of it. If he wasn’t proactive in determining what stayed/went, I would have just asked him and what wasn’t being used would have been put in the garbage/recycling. I use to try and save those little things (no idea why), but then I came to my senses and realized it’s just clutter. I no longer include those types of things in the bags I do up for holidays.

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