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The struggle can be so real this time of year! Balancing Christmas fun with kid’s toys and gifts that will be enjoyed past January 1st. To help you with buying for the special little ones of your list, here are my top picks for gifts worth giving! These recommendations are inspired by the KonMari approach of buying with intention and mindfulness toward Sparking Joy!

2017 Children’s Gift Recommendations


Any gift that encourages family fun, in my opinion, is a win! My Gnome on the Roam is a wonderful present that provides families with a focused activity to be enjoyed for years to come. Developed by mother and middle school teacher, Anne Armstrong, the My Gnome on the Roam is a customizable adventure that comes with everything you need to get started. Included in the trunk is the gnome, storybook, notebook, pen and instruction booklet.
Price – $29.97
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A toy that offers parents organizational joy and kids a cozy place to snuggle up – yes, please! Creative QT‘s genius Stuff’n Sit Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag gets a huge stamp of approval from me as both a KonMari consultant and parent. Any product that encourages organization, responsibility and fun is a safe beat for a present that will be utilized and enjoyed for years to come. Simple in concept, the Stuff’n Sit allows for all stuffed animals to be neatly tucked away when not in use – win! When filled with stuffies, the Stuff’n Sit becomes a comfortable bean bag style seat to enjoy movies, reading and relaxing – second win!
Available in two sizes: Extra Large (holds approx. 90 stuffed animals) $39.99 Standard (holds approx. 50 stuffed animals) $34.95
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Sometimes simple fun, is the best fun. The Hape Happy Bucket Set has been a bath time favourite toy for the last couple of months. All three of my children, at ages 2, 4 and 7, enjoy playing with these. The three buckets allow for silly spilling, endless filling and easy cleaning. They are well made of sturdy plastic with no small parts to be concerned with.

Price $16.99 (Amazon US, Amazon Canada)

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Another great Hape toy recommendation is their All Season (Furnished) Dollhouse. I have been looking for awhile for a well-built and gender neutral dollhouse for a few months now. I wanted to invest in a dollhouse that my two year old and her older siblings could all enjoy together. The Hape All Season (Furnished) Dollhouse met all my criteria and then some. I know this a quality toy that is well worth the investment.
Price $229.00 (CAD via Amazon ) and $114.15 (USD via Amazon)



If the little ones in your life are anything like mine, they love fun clothes! Pook‘s unique Pook Toque is a piece of true Canadiana – plaid, wool, one-of-a-kind and made to last the cold winter months. My seven year old is going to be given a Pook Toque this Christmas and I know it will be an instant hit. From a parent’s perspective, I love that it will keep his head toasty warm and from a child’s, it’s reversible and silly! Sizing fits from ages 4+ so I also know this is something he will get a lot of use out of in the years to come.
Price $24.99
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I have recently fallen in love with Mom created Peekaboo Beans. Since my kids have acquired a few of the brand’s pieces each, I am finding it nearly impossible to buy them anything else (never mind that they don’t want to wear anything else). The list of pluses for why Peekaboo Beans is so great is a long one. Their clothing is preshrunk, made with integrity and ethically produced, free of hazardous chemicals, designed with kids in mind (zipper covers, thumb holes, roomy hoods) and made for play! The pieces are pricer than some children’s clothing but given that it’s designed to grow with your child and last, they’re actually better of an investment.
The company also offers the opportunity to create your own business as a Peekaboo Bean Stylist. Shop from Canada here and the US here.
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There are certain things I am not willing to compromise on when it comes to products for my children, anything to do with their hearing is one of them. Our oldest son spends quite a bit using headphones. We had tried cheaper, “safety” headphones without much success for him. We decided to go with PuroSound headphones this Christmas knowing he will make good use of this gift and we can be assured he is using the safest children’s headphones on the market. The BT2200 headphones are wireless, stylish, come with a carrying case, block out 82% of background noise and limit volume to 85dB.
Price $99.99
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What’s Christmas without some creative toys? ORB‘s Elasti Plasti is goopy, silly fun that expands 100x its size. Less mess than I expected and keeps my kids endlessly entertained. One container is enough for my three children to each use a good amount and combined, plenty to get creative and stretch the super soft plastic as far as they can! Definitely makes for lots of entertainment and giggles!
Price $16.00
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For the budding artist, Blendy Pens by Chameleon Art Products allow children to create colour combinations all their own. Blendy Pens come with Fusion Chambers that are used to fuse two colours from the pens together to create different colour shades. While the child is having fun they are also learning important artistic values such as depth, dimension, colour gradient and composition. Great for ages 4+
Prices range depending on set ($5.99 – 24.99)
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From the heart gifts are a wonderful treasure to be found under the tree. Luhvee allow you to create your own one of a kind books for children and other loved ones. We created a book for each of our children and it truly was a wonderful experience. Rob and I took our time with developing each book to share unique stories, photos and messages for each child. The ease of the customizable template and the flexibility to create our own text allowed us to really make the books about each child. I know this is a present that will be treasured now and for years to come.
Price $45.99 (soft cover) $52.99 (hard cover)
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If you haven’t yet, check out my free downloadable KonMari Kids Gift Guide Checklist.

I would love to know if you have any unique gift recommendations for children, please share in the comments. If you would like to see my picks for adult gift ideas you can read via here.